What does the term ‘car wheel alignment’ refer to?

Car wheel alignment refers to the alignment between the wheels of a car or any vehicle, mostly a four-wheeler. Here, the alignment means the adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. Suspension is a system that connects the exterior of a vehicle to its wheels. This alignment, however, does not indicate the adjustment of the tires or the wheels in themselves. It is strictly the arrangement of the wheels concerning the skeleton of the automobile. Brief steps about car wheel alignment check are listed below to help a beginner.

How to check for the alignment of a car’s wheels

The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires and making sure that proper angles are maintained when they come in contact with the surface of the road. Taking some time to check for the alignment of the wheels of an automobile will not only make it last longer but prevent any potential accidents concerning this.

  1. You can let go of the steering wheel in an empty parking lot and see if the vehicle moves out of a straight line to access the alignment.
  2. It might move a little out of a designated lane because of the little unevenness in the ground level.
  3. If the steering wheel keeps pulling the vehicle in a particular direction every time you drive up or down the lane, then the alignment may be bad as the wheel is biased towards a certain direction.
  4. It is best to check for many other signs when following through a  car wheel alignment check as the vehicle may probably show other visible signs such as noise or creaking whenever turning the directions.
  5. Since the steering wheel is directly linked with the wheels of a car, it will most probably shake or turn when left by itself.
  6. Check the tires for ‘toe in’ or ‘toe out’ problems. Simply stating it is the pointing of the tires inwards or outwards respectively.

While there can be many more steps to follow when checking for the alignment of the wheels of a vehicle at home, it is best to get it checked by a professional. A professional can guide you on the best products or techniques to be followed for better services.