Almost all of the recent years there have been a whole lotof accidents which have resulted in causalities and fatal injuries to small kids. Mostly the reasons are the installation of non-proper child seats which have been installed in the locomotary vehicles to safeguard the children against car crashes. Since the children are too small to be help securely by the seat belt itself these seats are advised to be installed as these secure the child in the circumstances of crashes. However, since there are so many of the models of such seats available in the market it sometimes becomes overwhelming to choose the correct and wise booster car seat. The decision of buying the perfect seat rests upon many factors like the age of the child, the child’s size and also along with it the developmental needs that a child might experience during the transition years.

Types of seats for tiny tots of different age-groups

There are a wide variety of seats available for little children. Some of the types and the models of such seats are listed below:

  • Infants and toddlers: there are two main types of seats available for the infants they are the rear facing or the rear facing convertible seats. It is advised for the parents to mostly choose the rear facing seats only until their child has attained a weight limit that is highest to be accompanied. Upon exceeding of this limit a convertible seat can also be an option.
  • For preschool kids: even for these children the two types of most popular seat types available are the forward facing seat that is convertible and a forward facing seat with harness. Herein the seat type with a harness is a better option since it protects the baby from sudden jerks and jolts which might occur due to usage of brakes or any other sorts however the former can also be chosen as an option.
  • For school aged children: the booster seats are the best choice for the school going children. This seat is majorly used when a child is too big for the forward facing seat but still too small be adjusted and protected by a seatbelt. These seats therefore help in tackling the baby then.

It’s very important to choose the right seat for your toddlers.