There will be a lot more than buying a car that lasts over a test drive. After you have secured your financing you have to assess the car thoroughly from inside and out. This is to make sure your investment will be worth it.

Is it new or used?

The idea of buying a used car is what you will be able to see, that is what you will be getting. After you have decided to buy used cars in el cajon. You can change its color or add more items to make it look good but only when you buy the car.

Buying a new car is another story. You can visit its website to see its interior and exterior. You can also pay a visit personally to take a closer look at it. It is better that you read it carefully to have an idea of what it is. When you buy a new car it will not be worth the price. When you like the thought of buying a used car you have to check the following lists.

Exterior features


When it is a used car you have to check the body whether there are dents and scratches on it that you need to do. You will also know that the car was wrecked in an accident and it is not safe to use it on the road.

Carrying capacity

You have to check its towing capacity when you’re going to transport heavy objects. And check its trunk space to know whether you can install a luggage rack or bicycle when it is not available.


It is necessary when you are carrying heavy objects or using them for your family. You can test it out to make sure that they are properly working.

Glass and windows

Check the car whether they are still rolling up and down without any problem. This will be the time to know whether there are cracks or scratches on the windshield.


Changing the lights of the car will only cost you a few bucks to change it. Although when it is a luxury car it will be expensive.

used cars in el cajon

Tires and wheels

The tires and wheels are also necessary for you to check. You have to check all the tires to see whether it is worn out compared to the others. It will show that it came from extreme stress on the car.

Interior Features


Checking the seats to know whether it is in good condition, cooling, and heating capacity. The temperature control in the seats is a bonus because you will use it when it is hot or freezing outside.

Heating and cooling system

Before it was unnecessary to have these. But now that the temperatures are reaching high or it is freezing. You have to test its heating and cooling system before you buy the car.


It needs to be complete. When you see that it is saggy it could be because there is a leak while it rains.