If you live in a metropolitan area, the chances of your car breaking down are high. Usually, you’ll be able to get it fixed by bringing it to a nearby auto brake repair service shop. But there are sure signs that will tip you off when you need professional help with your brake repair service, and one of these is if your brakes feel spongy or grabby.

  1. Your Brakes Feel Spongy

If you can feel the brakes grab suddenly, it can sometimes feel like you’re driving with a slightly spongy pedal. That’s usually because your brake pads are worn down and simply not having enough surface area to contact the rotors or drums.

  1. Your Brakes Grab or Grind

If your brakes are only grabbing when depressing them thoroughly, they may be dirty or need some lubrication. But if they’re also grinding like sandpaper, you may need a brake repair service.

  1. Your Brakes Feel Soft or Squeaky

If your brakes feel soft and notchy when you push down on them, it can make driving conditions uncomfortable. You might have to apply more force than you feel comfortable using to actuate the brakes because parts of the brake pad will eventually wear out and be replaced with new ones.

  1. Your Brakes Squeal

If your brakes squeal when you apply their brakes, they may be worn out and not make enough contact with the rotors or drums.

Why Brake Repair Service Is So Important

  1. Your Brakes Drag

If your brakes are dragging, it usually means that they’re not releasing correctly when they should. This is generally because the compressed hydraulic pressure inside your braking system isn’t removing the brake shoes

  1. Your Brakes Feel Unresponsive

If you apply the brakes and they feel like they don’t respond or live up to their reliability, it may be a sign that something is wrong with the brake fluid or that the brake pads are worn down too far to make a proper stopping surface anymore.

  1. You’re Brakes Grab with the Pedal Down

If your brakes grab when you depress the brake pedal but don’t when you release it, this is usually a sign that the pads are too worn to make good contact or have no surface area left.


If you want to know if your brakes need to be repaired, make sure that you pay attention to any of these ten signs. They are all easy to identify, and they should help you figure out what your problem is. If you notice any of these or feel that something isn’t right with your brakes, have them checked out at an auto brake repair service shop.