The newest and most stylish mounting system is the rola ridge mount, designed to be durable and easy to install. It also matches the aesthetics of the Titan tray and vehicle.

The ridge mount

Ridge Mount is an excellent way to distribute the weight of the load evenly on the roof of the vehicle. The aesthetically pleasing design attaches to the vehicle using the best mounting options.

The ridge mount design is for every individual vehicle and the tray combination ensures a perfect fit. It is designed with weight-reducing cut-outs and fine branding, a perfect addition to the Titan tray.

Durable and strong to carry loads

The ridge mount is made from stainless steel and has a finished stippled powder coat, making it lightweight and durable. It withstands the elements and anything thrown at it. Ridge mount distributes the load evenly. It can handle a maximum load advised by the vehicle manufacturer, both on and off the road, without compromise.

Each vehicle has its different ridge mount design. For example, the Isuzu MU-X LS-T Gen2 5dr SUV has a Rola 1800mm Titan array. Toyota Hilux 4dr Ute 2015 has its specifically designed ridge mount. Since not all vehicles have the same size and features, there is a distinct ridge mount designed for them.

Easy to install

Rola ridge mount is designed with strength and look and is also easy to install. The ridge mount is installed using the most suitable mounting options on the vehicle. You can follow the complete step-by-step guide, including the graphics to install. The ridge mount secures electrical cables and is hidden from the line of sight. The cut-outs on the ridge mount make it stylish and lightweight but allow the installation of LED lights for everyone’s adventure.

Features of ridge mount

Each ridge mount has different features and the Rola ridge mount as these:

  • Stainless steel
  • Weigh reduction cut-outs
  • Stipple powder coat finish
  • Provision to secure cables out of sight

Rola prides its black-coloured and gray-coloured ridge mount. The roof racks are perfect for sport or activity. Also, if you love to go for picnics and adventures, Rola roof racks are the perfect choice.

Why do you need a ridge mount on a vehicle?

The roofing system of the car is essential. It helps protect from harsh weather conditions. But, if you have loads to bring with the family for camping, the car needs a strong ridge mount. To make that camping adventure successful, bring all the needed camping gear. If your car does not have enough space inside or you want to have easy to sit and ride, all your things must be packed and placed on the top of the car.

With a strong ridge mount, it can carry any load.