Despite being an engineering company for automobiles, Hyundai has focused on its vehicles’ safety, performance, and refinements of existing technology rather than pursuing new products. Hyundai has chosen to improve existing technologies while at the same time making sure that these refinements are completely compatible with its current systems. Below are some of the features of theĀ Hyundai Brakes you will love.

  1. Innovative Hydraulic Brake System

Hyundai has removed the conventional hydraulic brake system and replaced it with a unit that uses solenoid valves for this purpose. This innovative new brake system is intended to help enhance the car’s braking power and avoid instances where the driver experiences skidding after stopping.

  1. Vented Disc Brakes for Better Performance

Hyundai has used a disc brake system that contains vented discs for its 4×4 vehicle line. The vented discs are designed to allow more airflow onto the brakes so that they offer improved stability while driving at high speeds. The brakes also remain cool in hot weather and help prevent black dust from appearing on the vehicles’ interior surfaces.

  1. Braking System for Traction Control

Hyundai has also chosen to introduce a braking system for its 4WD models capable of activating when traction control is unavailable. This feature is designed to help improve the vehicle’s stability during emergency braking or skidding instances.

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  1. Braking System for Recovery from Understeer

Hyundai has also introduced a braking system for its vehicles that helps them recover from understeer by applying controlled pressure on the inside and outside wheels, especially in turns and emergency stops. This system can only be activated if the ABS-CDS (Traction Control) system is active while driving below 35 mph (60 km/h).

  1. Feature of Hyundai Brakes in Emergency Braking

Hyundai brakes are designed to ensure you have maximum control over your car during and after an emergency braking manoeuvre. Car companies have introduced a new braking system capable of reducing understeer, skidding and the risk of collisions during emergency braking by increasing the pressure on the inside wheels. This system can only be activated in 4WD models when traction control is active at speeds below 35 mph (60 km/h).

  1. Regenerative Braking System for Energy Recovery

Hybrid vehicles such as the popular Hyundai Elantra can automatically recover energy from the wheels whenever the driver decides to slow down or stop. The energy recovered from the wheels recharges the car’s battery, which helps with fuel reduction. In addition, Hyundai has also introduced a new braking system that is capable of recovering energy during hard braking.

  1. Regenerative Braking System for Green Driving

Hyundai has announced recently that it will start introducing a regenerative braking system for its electric vehicles and other hybrid models. The regenerative braking system is intended to help reduce the overall fuel consumption of Hyundai vehicles and, at the same time, protect the environment.

  1. Braking System with Lower Pressure for Maximum Efficiency

Hyundai has designed its hybrid systems to operate with a lower pressure on the brakes using a low-pressure monitor. The car will automatically detect the pressure it applies to the brakes and adjust it according to your driving style.

  1. Active Grille Shutters for Road Noise Reduction

Active grille shutters are also capable of reducing road noise in Hyundai vehicles. The system can lift when it senses a loud noise or vibration and close again after the sound or vibration disappears.

  1. Emergency Braking System to Prevent Rear-End Collisions

Hyundai has designed its emergency braking system to be capable of preventing rear-end collisions. This system is designed to decelerate the vehicle by applying pressure on the outside wheel when driving at speeds above 35 mph (60 km/h).


Hyundai has designed its brake system to become the best in class while at the same time being affordable and affordable to maintain. It is easy to adjust and can work with your steering wheel controls so that you are always in control of your vehicle. The Hyundai Brakes are proven reliable and effective. Still, you can consider further improvements, including new technologies such as the Brembo Brake System from Bosch or AP Racing with anti-lock brakes for reduced braking distances.