People usually think about horsepower, torque, acceleration, and top speed when they think of performance and aftermarket modifications. However, an engine’s power is meaningless if the driver is unable to manage the vehicle. That’s why vehicle developers focused on the suspension system almost as soon as they developed the internal combustion engine. Most Pedders engineers look at a moving car’s dynamics from two angles:

  1. Ride – the ability of a car to ride smoothly on a rocky route.
  2. Handling – the ability of a car to accelerate, brake, and turn.

Springs, shock absorbers or dampers, and anti-roll bars are the three basic components of any suspension.

Suspension springs

Suspension springs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and rates. The size and strength of the spring can influence the car’s ride height. The spring rate controls the firmness of the ride and the rigidity of the vehicle’s handling. Vehicles with damaged or worn springs ride lower to the ground, reducing the overall compression available to the suspension and increasing body lean. Other than vehicle weight and load, performance cars may have spring rate requirements.


Anti-roll bars

Anti-roll bars are used with shock absorbers or struts to provide additional stability to a moving vehicle. An anti-roll bar is a metal rod that runs the length of the axle and effectively connects both sides of the suspension.

The anti-roll bar transfers movement from one wheel to the other when the suspension swings up and down. It results in a more level ride and less ‘roll’ in the car. As a result, anti-roll bars are now standard equipment on almost all vehicles, though if they aren’t, kits make it simple to add them aftermarket.


Although other racing disciplines such as skiing and cycling have comparable principles of an ideal path, the geometric apex or clipping point is commonly used in motorsport. The geometric center of the turn is generally, but not always, the apex. When the car reaches the apex, it is able to take the straightest course and maintain the highest speed possible through that particular corner. It’s also the part of a corner that’s the narrowest. Apex is also the name of a well-known suspension and suspension component manufacturer.

Apex springs

Your car’s regular springs are replaced with an APEX Sport Spring kit. The automobile is usually lowered by 30-40 mm. It will not only improve your car’s handling, reaction, and grip, but it will also offer that extra touch of style that will set it apart from the rest of the pack. The ride will be stiffer but not too severe, delivering a good mix for road and race enthusiasts. Finally, don’t forget to visit Pedders official site for more details.